Construction Financing

Fit Capital can provide access to a range of financing facilities for constructing within the following asset classes: industrial, retail, and residential (single and multi-family). Financing products include letters of credit, builders line of credit, and revolving development loans.

Interim/Bridge Loans

Fit Capital can help you receive short-term (12 months or less) financing facilities that allow you to secure an asset, providing you with time to move towards the next phase of your strategy.

Land Servicing

Fit Capital sources finance facilities to assist borrowers in improving raw land for commercial and residential applications.

Land Banking

Fit Capital provides access to financing solutions for the entire spectrum of real estate transactions, including finance facilities for the purchase of short and long-term land assets.

Agricultural Financing

Fit Capital provides access to financing solutions for a multitude of agricultural needs, including financing for farm equipment, farmland, expansion, operating lines and equity repurposing for capital purchases.

Professional Program Financing

Fit Capital can unearth strategic financing specific to professionals in the medical, legal and engineering fields. This includes delivering finance solutions for owner occupied properties, operating lines, equipment, and expansion.

Purpose-Built Rental

Fit Capital can source financing products for the construction and long-term holding of multi-family assets specifically built for the rental market.

Long-Term Mortgage Financing

Gain access to Mortgage products for longer term assets, including flexible terms (1 to 10 years) and long amortizations (up to 40). Real Estate asset classes include retail, office, industrial, and multi-family residential.

Cashflow Lending

Fit Capital discovers solutions that allow you to harness your businesses ability to borrow based on reoccurring revenue, purchase orders and account receivables. Financing solutions include factor-based finance, operating lines, and term loans.

Leveraged/Management Buyout Financing

Finance the purchase of your (management buyout) or another company utilizing outside capital with Fit Capital’s Commercial Financing services.