FIT’s senior leadership are serious, well-trained and experienced professionals who will ensure the accurate assessment of your financing needs to achieve your goals with confidence and confidentiality. We have the know-how and the relationships you need for your project or business to succeed.

  • Ajay Dhir, M.B.A.

    Ajay has over 14 years’ financing projects throughout Canada, including 12 years in executive leadership positions at various Schedule 1 banks which includes managing a large real estate  portfolio ($1 billion), and leading a team of 10 lenders within a commercial portfolio ($850 million).

    Ajay’s expertise includes all classes of construction financing, land development and longterm debt for multi-family, commercial/industrial and owner-occupied projects.

    Ajay’s extensive banking experience and the solid relationships he has fostered throughout his career with key lenders inspire confidence in clients seeking to consistently achieve their goals.

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson PARTNER

    Prior to joining Fit Capital Solutions, Scott was the Vice-President, Debt Capital Markets & Advisory at Avison Young.

    Over an 8 year tenure in brokerage and banking, Scott successfully funded half a billion dollars in loans. Scott has held several senior commercial and real estate positions at various Schedule 1 banks including serving as the Director of Medical & Professional Financing for Alberta.

    Scott’s primary areas of focus include all aspects of real estate, commercial, equipment, operating lines of credit, leveraged buyouts, acquisition financing and private equity.


  • George Varghese
    George Varghese PARTNER

    George has 10 years of Schedule 1 commercial & real estate banking and brokerage financing experience, in senior lending and advisory roles.

    His expertise lies in the origination, structuring and placement of both debt and equity. He specializes in land development, construction financing (industrial, commercial, office, residential) and term loans for owner occupied and investment grade assets.  

    George’s in depth knowledge of banking coupled with his proven lender relationships will ensure that all clients move forward with security and confidence.


  • Robert Liu
    Robert Liu ASSOCIATE

    Robert has 3 years of real estate & commercial brokerage experience with a focus on mid-market transactions coupled with extensive analytics experience.

    Robert’s areas of focus include term lending, real estate construction & development financing for all asset classes and land banking.

    His extensive knowledge coupled with research insight within the residential and commercial real estate industry ensures that he provides a comprehensive solution for all clients.

  • Mac Sarro
    Mac Sarro ASSOCIATE

    Mac joins the Fit Capital team after 3 years of sales and marketing experience with focus on the technology and finance industries.

    Mac’s areas of focus include research and analysis for real estate, construction, land financing, business development, and client management.  

    He graduated from the University of Calgary in 2015 with a concentration in general mathematics and has an excellent foundation in mathematical modelling, statistics, and probability. Mac was fortunate enough to be drafted into the CFL after playing football at U of C, and his team first disposition assures accountability to client success.

  • Mike Loptson
    Mike Loptson ASSOCIATE

    Mike joins the Fit Team and draws on his prior experience in the construction industry where he focused on contracting and consulting.

    Mike’s areas of focus include underwriting and analysis in construction and commercial financing. He garners a strong background in business development and relationship management.

    Mike graduated from Mount Royal University in 2017 with a BBA in Financial Analysis. His analytical nature is emphasized by his eagerness to succeed. He affords clients with a trustworthy and reliable partner.


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